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P H Y S I C S 2012 / 13 mins                                              

Physics is about two 9-yr-old girls trying to come to terms with the negative feelings they have about their town at the base of a nuclear power station. It explores the frustrations and powerlessness of children who wants to live in a better world. 


Starring Peep Show's Matt King and newcomers Jodie Bastow and Masie Hopkins, Physics was commissioned by Film London as part of thier London Calling scheme and was funded with support from Tomboy Films and Working Title Films. It premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, 2012.

Producer: Emily Morgan

Cinematographer: Rob Hardy

Editor: Chris Roebuck

Composer: Isobel Waller-Bridge

Sound Designer: Ania Przygoda

Casting Director: Olivia Scott-Webb

Costume Designer: Sara Sensoy

Production Designer: James Hatt

Watch on Curzon Home Cinema         

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