P H Y S I C S 2012 / 13 mins


Physics is about two 9-yr-old girls trying to come to terms with the negative feelings they have about their town at the base of a nuclear power station. It explores the frustrations and powerlessness of children who wants to live in a better world. 


Starring Peep Show's Matt King and newcomers Jodie Bastow and Masie Hopkins, Physics was commissioned by Film London as part of thier London Calling scheme and was funded with support from Tomboy Films and Working Title Films. It premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, 2012.

BEST FILM, Best of Boroughs, 2012 - WINNER

BIFA Longlist, 2012

"Physics is a beautifully filmed narrative by a director who has a great visual sense. A film that playfully explores interesting themes, backed up by natural and winning performances."  BEST OF BOROUGHS JURY, 2012

"Claire Oakley’s Physics is the real stand-out, a sublime short that’s perfectly suited to its format."  BEN FOWLER, LONDONIST [review]

"The outwardly tough but emotionally vulnerable young leads enliven this beautiful tragi-comedy." DYLAN CAVE, BFI BLOG [review]

"Physics stole the screening for me, a well rounded and emotive short by Claire Oakley." SHORT SIGHTED CINEMA [review]

"The young actresses are excellent, though it is Claire’s visual flourishes that linger long after the credits have rolled.SIMRAN HANS, FILM4 [review]

"Claire Oakley talks about her award winning short Physics starring Matt King from Peepshow/Starlings." FILMMAKING REVIEW [podcast]

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