J A M E S  2014 / 15 mins / 16mm


Set in 1796, James is based on the true story of James Phipps, the 8-yr-old gardener's son used by Dr Jenner to test to the world’s first smallpox vaccine. It explores the courage and sacrifice of a disempowered family. 


Starring Jack Hollington, Morgan Watkins and Robert Cavanah, James was commissioned by The Wellcome Trust and was written by Felix Levinson. The film premiered at Brest International Film Festival, 2014 and is now a teaching resource freely available to schools across the country. It can be found HERE.



BEST COMPOSER, Underwire Film Festival, 2014 - WINNER

"James wins Education Resources Award, 2017" ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION [article]

"We talk with Claire Oakley about her latest two directorial outings, Tracks and James" HUNGRY EYE [interview - Sept 2014]

"Entretien avec Felix Levinson, auteur et Claire Oakley, réalisatrice" LE POULAILLER [interview - Sept 2014]

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F E S T I V A L S 

Brest International Short Film Festival, France, 2014 

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