M Y  H U S B A N D  T H E  C Y B O R G                                                                                                                                                  2018 / Feature doc


In September 2016, Susanna Cappellaro was told by her husband, Scott Cohen, that he was planning to become a cyborg. A month later, Scott fitted a small device to his chest that vibrates every time he faces North. Eager to follow his journey, Susanna started filming him on her iPhone. The film is a humorous portrait of a couple questioning technology, love and what it is to be human. 

My Husband The Cyborg is in development with the BFI and is has been shooting for over the past two years.


Co-directors: Claire Oakley & Susanna Cappallaro

Producer: Chiara Ventura

Exec Producer: Julia Nottingham

Production company: Rubber Stamp Films