E N G L I S H   A N I M A L S  Feature film / In development

Mirka (23), an idealistic Slovakian woman living in England, falls in love with her new employer, an upper-class British woman who is married. The film follows the repercussions of this cross-cultural love affair and is both a passionate romance and a moral fable exploring status, entitlement and identity. 


English Animals is an adaptation of Laura Kaye's debut novel published by Little Brown in 2017. It is being developed with the BFI. 

"Kaye is at her best when she sticks with her scalpel. It's good to see British writers still know how to use it.'"— The Telegraph


Director: Claire Oakley

Screenwriter: Claire Oakley, Emily Marcuson

Producers: Serena Armitage & Pietro Greppi